Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Day 8 08/07/09

Rocky, high, low, treacherous, wet, slippery, hot, soft, hard, gooey, narrow, wide, lush, sandy, in water, in sea, green, wild, infested, windy, sweaty, idyllic, romantic, untrodden, uneven, prickly, loud, quiet, vast, ominous.

Day 8 08/07/09

War Wounds

Motion sickness
Repetitive dreams, often leading to minor outbursts and erratic movements
Rashes and sneezing
Finger blisters

Rodger, Gypsy
Joe, Favour
Digger, Brandy
Sparky, Georgie
Kim, Darby
Socks, Bryne

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Day 7 07/07/09 PM

Day 7 07/07/09 PM

Day 7 07/07/09 PM

People Update

Annie and Sue (it always happens to the nice ones)
Wide-boy show jumping jockey (apparently) with taken girlfriend
Wined your face in woman plus family
Mum's birthday trio
Those that cantor and those that don't
The well protected one
Jo (she's off to Oxford)
30 teenagers who have been given the 'talking to'

From left to right.

1. Only one hand on the reins, reins too short, horse looks unhappy, eyes glaring, ears are back and front feet are raring up.
2. Better- longer reins but still only one hand, horse doesn't look completely relaxed, nostrils flaring, rider sitting too far back in saddle.
3. Perfect example, rider sits up nice and straight, both hands on reins, hands stay low, horse looks relaxed and happy, rider looks happy.
4. Bad, only one hand on reins, reins too short, horses head looks uncomfortable.
5. Rider sitting too far back, unbalanced, not in control, horse racing ahead and raring up.
6. Horse looks unbalanced, only one hand on reins, hands too high.
7. Reins too short, horse looks uncomfortable and pulled too near rider, rider sits to far back, length of reins different, horse twisted.

Monday, 6 July 2009

A true character- Olive can do it all. 

Day 6 PM 06/07/09


Day 6 AM 06/07/09


Day 5 PM 05/07/09

Man down (she's lovely-we liked her)
Bit spooked
Floor seems closer now

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Day 5 AM 05/07/09

War Wounds
12 thorn lacerations to the left arm approx 6 cm long each
Mild psychological trauma due to horse attempting to roll whilst still in saddle
General soreness to middle back and inner thighs

Any evidence

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Day 4 PM 03/07/09

Across a-e, down 1-4

D4 - Mary and Jesus
D1 - tribes man in mask on path of skulls
C3 - A pile of very small or far away skulls
C1 - little girl (face)  drawn by a little girl
C2 - Owl next to dog with back legs spread

Day 4 (AM) 04/04/09

People update 

The Americans (hawaii), girlfriend & Boyfriend (why os he here?), The Welsh Actress (just got a part in Gavin & Stacey!), The work experience girl, Kisser, The two women with short hair, The disappointed couple, Bryne, Jo, Smith, Darby, Gypsy, Roger, William, Lane, Bottom, The Asian couple (Londoners), The international couple avec multi-lingual baby (one of our ideals)

  • Stain Lawn 
  • Shoveling shit
  • Recreate horse poo patterns - draw
  • Serve the dinner guests - help Olive
  • Script on Horse...Script for horse
  • Adapt/adopt instructions out of context
  • Coughs (like laughs)
  • Film of film in field
  • Photoshoot - both on same horse
  • Complete jigsaw puzzle
  • Costume - Jodhpurs (two tone) & chaps 

Friday, 3 July 2009

Day 3 03/07/09

Hunt & Darton as 'nipple' on second 'mamelle'

After only one day with Darby and Smith, our designated horses, we were given our rest day and headed for The Mumbles.

The Mumbles strung out along the shore line at the southern end of Swansea bay, has been Swansea's seaside retreat since 1807, when the Oystermouth railway was opened. Built for transporting coal, the horse drain carriages were soon converted for paying customers, and the Mumbles train became the first passenger railway service in the world. The name Mumbles - which becomes a vowel free zone in Welsh, Y Mwmbwls - is a legacy of French seaman who nick named the twin rounded rocks at the top of the head land Les Mamelles - 'The Breasts'.
-Lonely planet Wales

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Day 2 02/07/09

First 15 minutes is crucial
Never go round the back
Create a comfort zone
Brush and bond
Everything on the left
Its like looking at your watch or like girl guides
Big leaps, soft land
Just make them think that your more powerful
Don't let them eat
Its all in the hips
She's a bit difficult
He doesn't mind cause he's had his bits cut off, she can flutter her eye lashes all she likes
Pull him in further

People update

Olive & co., the Bloods or him and her, the lovely Japanese girls, the comfort zone couple, the nons, the obvious affair, bloke with book, two tall Africans, Mr and Mrs 'we're here to ride, that's what we do', Essex double act.

Olive: Argh, Holly, you've arrived, you've been the bain of my life.
Olive: oh, nice to see you made it.

Dinner last night
Mr Blood:Oooooh, who serves salad with hot vege!
Mrs Blood: It's all wilted!
Mr Blood: There's no need, it's just like, do you wana try this or try that!!!! 

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Day 1 01/07/09

Snorkelling, rambling, fishing, golfing, cycling, climbing, train spotting, collecting…no... horse riding! With a clear passion for what people like to fill their time with, whether that is a day, a year or a lifetime passion, people obviously feel the need for activity. Frankly ours is art, but to make art we felt we needed to adopt a routine that we would not normally do, choosing an experience that we would not usually choose to do, to put us outside of our everyday routine and to feed our ongoing obsession with clearly not understanding with what it means to be human.

Areas of focus/aims

Horse relationship, daily blog, filming, photograph of grass movement, photoshoot, log activity specific language, shared drawings of horses, group moral, generation of ideas sheet (communal growing ideas sheet).

Day plan

8am rise, wash, dress, write blog/post images.

9am breakfast

10am tack up horses for ride.

During ride take mental note of specific language to horseriding  (To be logged as glossary of terms). Looking at movement (out of context possibilities?), general learning and observation.

4.30pm Finish ride.

Sentence and photograph to reflect current relationship with horse.

Horses eating grass field shot.

Focus on one idea in one medium.


6.00pm Dinner

7.00pm Continue in necessary. De brief including update on group moral. Idea generation/sharing. Relax 

All of this will provide us with new material to develop into a new work to tour in 2010.